Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Infomation

The Ark Nova Executive Committee (referred to as The Committee* below) will ensure its efforts in privacy protection and the handling of personal information while operating under enforced laws related to the protection of personal information as determined on April 1st 2005 and will thoroughly reexamine future regulations.

*Ark Nova Executive Committee was created by KAJIMOTO and Masahide Kajimoto, the president of KAJIMOTO in order to put LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA PROJECT** into action.

** LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA PROJECT is a unique project that will bring the highest level of music, dance and performance to the Tohoku region of Japan that were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunamis that hit on March 11th 2011. Together with the main efforts of Switzerland, the goal of this project is to bring hope and encouragement through music to the people of the area that were directly and indirectly and even now still are experiencing tremendous suffering caused by this tragic event.

Key Points of Personal Information

Legal Compliance

The Committee will comply with the personal information protection law and all other related laws and regulations.


The Committee will define the manager in charge and sustain a system that complies with protection of personal information regarding personal information and the system that manages it.

Personal Data Acquisition

In the case that the Committee acquires personal information from customers, the Committee will clarify the terms in which the personal information will be used.

Limitations of Personal Information Usage

The Committee will not use retained personal information for any other purposes other than stated in the purpose for personal information usage.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Committee will not provide personal information to a third party.

Procedures for Request of Disclosure

The Committee will sincerely respond to any request of acknowledgement, disclosure of how your personal information is used, corrections, or suspension of use of personal information.