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Free Event (Reservation Required)

November 1(Sun) 13:00

Reigakusha: Workshop “What’s Gagaku?”

“Gagaku” is a traditional Japanese music that started around a thousand year ago. The Gagaku ensemble Reigakusha holds a special workshop to give an opportunity to children in Fukushima to discover Japanese traditional instruments, who can try to play authentic Gagaku instruments after hearing a lecture on them. An enjoyable event for both children and adults.



About the Artist

Reigakusha Reigakusha is a gagaku ensemble established in 1985 for the purpose of studying and developing ensemble performances in the gagaku music. The group is led by Sukeyasu Shiba, the music director. Since its establishment, the group has been actively engaged in performing in various venues, with programs ranging from standard classical gagaku music to restored long-forgotten songs, reproducing and performing on instruments from the Shosoin treasury, and also contemporary gagaku music. Reigakusha is especially committed to commissioning current composers and premiering new works created in the classic gagaku style and such compositions are frequently performed at the concerts produced by Reigakusha twice a year. Especially their performance of In an Autumn Garden composed by Toru Takemitsu won popular acclaim and the performance of this composition at Suntory Hall on May 2001 was awarded the Special Prize at Nakajima Kenzo Music Award in February 2002, and the recording released won Grand Prize at the 57th National Arts Festival. The ensemble also presents concerts that are more open to the gagaku novice, providing commentary and explanations in order to familiarize the audience with gagaku music. Reigakusha also provides workshops for students of various ages and lecture concerts, and programs funded by the Ministry of Culture in providing opportunities to children to experience traditional music. The ensemble has performed in several major venues domestic and overseas, such as Seiji Ozawa Hall (Tanglewood), Lincoln Center (New York), Carnegie Hall (New York), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Cologne Philharmonic Hall, and Concertgebouw (Amsterdam).