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Free Event (Reservation Required)

October 24(sat) 15:00-16:00

Eitetsu Hayashi: Traditional Japanese Drumming Workshop for Parents and Children

A special workshop by Eitetsu Hayashi, Wadaiko (traditional Japanese drum) player and composer who represents Japan. The Wadaiko ensemble performance is also the highlight of the event.


Eitetsu Hayashi, Japanese Drummer(Wadaiko player)

About the Artist

Eitetsu Hayashi, Japanese Drummer(Wadaiko player) Eitetsu Hayashi, taiko drum artist. Born 1952 in Hiroshima Prefecture. In high school he was inspired by the drumming of the Beatles’ Ringo Star and formed a rock band with friends. After moving to Tokyo in 1971 intent on becoming a graphic designer, Hayashi participated in the founding of the Sado Ondekoza taiko drum group. After participating in the formation of the taiko drum group KODO, he commenced activities as a solo performer in 1982. Hayashi made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall (New York) in 1984. His career has involved numerous overseas tours and performances with orchestras. Beginning with Manrei (Man Ray) in 1998, Hayashi has composed and staged a series of concerts inspired by artists, also including Ito Jakuchu and Tsuguharu (Leonard) Foujita. In 2010 he staged and performed the concert Gassan II. He teaches as a visiting instructor at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Among his writings is the book Ashita no Taiko-uchi e (Toward Tomorrow’s Drumming).