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About Our Founder

Clarence J. Gula is the founder of the Ark Nova Lucerne Festival website. His passion for arts and festivals inspired him to start this blog site. The earthquake and tsunami that occurred in the northeastern regions of Japan also touched his heart, but couldn’t do much to visit the area and help victims.

However, Gula believes that spreading the news about the disasters and festival can indirectly help the victims. He shares information about the festival on the site to inform readers about the event, including other interesting things about Ark Nova.


The mission of ARK Nova Lucerne Festival website is to create awareness about the disasters that hit Japan and find relevant solutions. It posts information related to the Ark Nova to keep readers informed and educated.


The aim of Ark Nova Lucerne Festival is to help victims of the tsunami and earthquake disasters that occurred in the northeastern regions of Japan. The festival uses music to give hope back to those who’ve already lost it.