Healthy Food Ideas for Music Festivals

We love music festivals. There’s always something to take home, including experiences, stories, new friends, and entertainment. Therefore, it’s vital to prepare well with music festival essentials. Although there are many prerequisites and highlights to a music festival, food is an integral part.

We’ve noticed that many festival-goers do not take along enough food or water and run out after a few days. Others make the mistake of packing the unsuitable type of food for an inevitable alcohol affair.

The Lucerne Festival Ark Nova is an opportunity to gather, celebrate, and promote culture through music. But a lot of planning is required to make it a successful event—food planning (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) in particular.

While some festival-goers will have access to a grill, some will not. A few will have a portable oven, and even fewer will have miscellaneous kitchen equipment. It begs the question, what do you eat without access to a cook, oven, refrigerator, or kitchen for days?

It’s, however, satisfying to point out that you can make some food ahead of time and pack it into a zip-top bag. Besides, if you wrap food in a cooler or ice chest, it will be fresh. There will be opportunities to heat your or grill food at the festival. This is the reason why we’ve compiled these tips so you’ll be prepared

Whether it’s your first music festival or you’re a veteran, there are essential food tips for you so that you’ll have the best time.

16 Food ideas for Your Music Festival

  1. Bread- Whether it’s a baguette, roll, or a loaf, food easily converts into a refreshment. It combines well with your sandwiches and other possibilities.  Make sure fresh filling is consumed on the first or following day.
  2. Baked Potato Casserole – Prepare it ahead of the festival. Freeze it and put it with other items in the food cooler. Warm it and serve—smooth right.
  3. Salsa and Chips – A stress-free and quick chow that goes well with beer/spirits.
  4. Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches – Grill some pork tenderloins in a traditional cooking style with salt, olive oil, and pepper for about fifteen minutes (in advance). After it has cooled, put in a zip bag, combine mayonnaise, lettuce, and bread slices.
  5. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – Slice some watermelon, cantaloupe, and put among your food pack. Take along granola cereal and yogurt. An excellent way to begin your day is consuming a mix of yogurt, fruit, and granola.
  6. Pasta/ Instant Ramen Noodles– Add hot water, wait for two minutes, and enjoy. It’s easy to prepare, will fill your stomach, and keep you moving.
  7. Celery and Carrots – It’s not many people’s fancy, but it’s necessary to keep your health up. Pre-cut the celery, purchase a pack of baby carrots, put them in a food bag, and throw it into a cooler.
  8. Beef Jerky – It’s not cheap but loaded with protein. It won’t use space and doesn’t need a cooler or warmer.
  9. Hawaiian Rolls –To absorb alcohol and share among friends at the camp who are hungry and have nothing to eat. They’ll be grateful, and this is a way to make new friends.
  10. Instant Oatmeal – Take along a pack of your favorite oatmeal. Use hot water from the coffee kettle pot, add some of the grain in a disposable bowl, and enjoy a whole-hearted breakfast.
  11. Eggs/Omelet – Before you head out, mix a few eggs and put them in a bottle or durable food bag with ham and cheese. Freeze and put in the cooler. At the camp, you’ll be able to make poached, omelets, scrambled, and fried eggs.
  12. Cookies, Bagels, and Fruit Roll-Ups– They are lightweight, won’t melt, and suitable for those who like to chew throughout the day. 
  13. Fruits and Berries– Get oranges, bananas avocadoes, and apples to top-up nutrients during the festival.
  14. S’ mores Fixings – If you’ll have access to a flame including a stove, grill, or heat. Grill the marshmallows and fit it between crackers with chocolate.
  15. Burger Patties – Ice up patties then put them in a cooler. Do this with either hotdogs and chicken or beef.
  16. Gatorade- Although this isn’t food, hydration is critical during a festival. Bring along your DIY made sports drink or a store-bought drink.

Other festival foods include muffins, canned tuna, rice cakes, granola bars, hummus, gluten-free nutcrackers, nuts, and trail mix.

Other Tips

An alternative to zip lock bags is tin foils.  If you wrap ingredients in foil, all you have to do is put them on the fire, cook, and dispose of the foil after consumption. Even though there are water refill stations at the festival venues, bring packs of bottled water.

Carry along only what you and your friends will eat, don’t waste food or space in your bag. Make your ingredients beforehand. If you’ll cook with a grill or stove, chop what you need since many festivals won’t allow you in with many kitchen utensils. 

Since it’s also pertinent that you keep up your strength and energy throughout the celebrations, you also need to consider energy providing meals which we’ve highlighted above. In conclusion, It’s not a useful idea to go to a music festival without being adequately prepared. Ignore coffee, snacks high in salt, caffeine, or sugar to avoid sluggish feelings. As an alternative, pick foods rich in vitamins, fiber, and protein. These nutrients will fuel you during your festival activities. Music festivals are about fun and entertainment, nurse your body correctly to enjoy the music festival.