A Guide to Planning Music Festival

A live music concert is an entirely entertaining, unforgettable and enjoyable event, both for the artists and their fans. Fans whose favorite celebrities performed would always be glad they made it to the festival.

But beyond the performances on the stage, so much goes into putting a music festival together. If you get the opportunity of going backstage at a concert, you’ll see how much planning it takes to make the show successful.

From the conception to the eventual hosting of your music festival, you require lots of strategic planning to host a music concert successfully. The things you do in between your planning and execution would determine the impact of your show.

Your Planning and Budgeting

So much goes into the planning of a concert. Some of the most important things you must consider are the appropriate venue, the artist to invite, how best to set up the stage, etc. Incorporating side attractions would help spice up your show.

Irrespective of how superb your paper works are if you have no funding, your well drawn up plans remains in a piece of paper. Achieving your goal requires financing, and how you raise funds for your concert is a critical part of the festival.

When preparing a budget for your music festival, the first thing you must put into consideration is the strategies you’ll employ to raise funds for your concert. One of the easiest ways of raising funds for a show is to partner with sponsors. Depending on what you hope to achieve, consider who you’ll partner to help you achieve your dreams.

Identify Your Audience and Advertise To Them

Do you want your music concert to sell out? Then advertise it. Engaging in adverts and promotional activities will guarantee information about your upcoming event would go as far as you intend.

The first step in advertising is to identify your target audience. Are you organizing a concert for hip hop artists, or country music lovers, or a gospel music show? Answers to essential questions like these would help you target your advertising aright.

Radio jingles, TV talk shows, newspaper columns, or fliers can serve as an effective way of driving promotion. Depending on what you budgeted for advertising, any or all of these mediums can serve. But most importantly, social media helps send the word out faster.

Treat Your Event Ticketing Importantly

Sale of tickets is an essential avenue of raising funds for taking care of the expenses that’ll go into your event planning. When your budget is ready, and you know what you’ll be spending on, cover all or the bulk of the expenses on your ticket.

The best way to price your ticket is to identify who’ll be coming through advertising and the response you receive. Spread the cost of hosting the concert over the estimated number of ticket sales.

Handling ticket sales might seem like something you can treat yourself, but it’s not that easy. For effective sales and monitoring, it’ll be wiser you partner with an agency to sell tickets for you. That way, you’ll relieve some stress on yourself.

Promote Your Local Artists

One way to buy the support of your community is to include your local community artists. These are people they can quickly identify with and frequently relate with on a celebrity scale. It’ll help you increase the number of participating community members.

Bringing the big-name celebrity would make your show sale far and to neighboring cities. But it would be best if you didn’t only focus on these categories of artists. A mix will give your concert the perfect blend it requires.

You’ll equally be promoting your local community artists by inviting and availing them an opportunity to perform. Also, they’ll have the chance of meeting and playing alongside the big-name celebrities you’ll be bringing.

Incorporate Some Side Attractions

Spicing up your musical concert will add to the excitement that’ll stay in the memory of your audience. Instead of just coming and listening to artists perform, they get additional activities that’ll improve their fun.

Hosting your concert during the holidays gives more people the opportunity of attending. And things as little as drinks and a grilled meat stand are sufficient to serve as the desired side attraction, especially for people yet to taste grilled meat.

Your preparation for the holiday concert must incorporate using equipment and instruments that can serve effectively while reducing costs. Using eco-friendly resources like pellet grills can be used for low-and slow-cooking methods will achieve the same results as any other grilling instrument while lowering cost.


While planning for your concert, timing and venue are essential. You’ll not achieve the same result if you hold it during the holidays, as you will at other times. Where you’re hosting your concert makes all the difference. An easily accessible venue will have a higher audience than an unknown location.

Vital is the equipment you’re using. Your loudspeakers and lighting, for instance, should cover the space you’re using. It’s equally important to ensure your stage setup allows everyone to have a clear view of what’s happening on the stage. It’ll be impossible for you to handle everything that goes into putting up a concert all alone. You must put a team together, to assist you with as much as you can delegate.