The Great Nova Earth Quake

Naturally, people tend to forget between an earth tremor and an earthquake. The layman’s languages confuses the two and just mention an earthquake even when there is a mild shaking of the earth’s crust. When we talk of an earthquake, it is a tragic and fatal shaking and breaking of the earth’s crust whole effect is felt miles away.

Geologists attribute earthquakes to many causes. One of the most fatal earthquakes that happened in Japan with a high number of death tolls was named the Nova earthquake. This was a series of earthquakes that merged together to form a catastrophic event that put everything to rubble including the presidential palace. No one within the epicenter was left unturned. This included the hospitals, schools, churches, entertainment sports among other man-made features that were found along its way.

The death toll of this deadly earthquake was at 200,000 people. It took place in the coastal town of Haiti in Japan. The only way geologists could measure the Nova Earthquake was by just getting the evidence based on the aftermath of this tragic incident.
The name Nova is a household name of a TV crew that came from the United States to get the real figures in terms of magnitude and intensity on the seismograph ( a measuring tool to get the intensity and magnitude of an earthquake). What is left is the Nova documentary that will only explain the aftermath of the disaster now that all the videos that could have given the evidenced were destroyed by the earthquake.

In 2010, everyone was talking about Haiti and Humanitarian aids had to focus their energy on this part of the world since this was the part that most of their work was in high demand. This included food aid, medical services, and evacuation services to the people who could have survived. Geologists and earthquake experts also had a run for their time since they had to run many tests to clear the area from and possible by yet another earthquake. It is important to note that the effect of this earthquake was felt along the entire Pacific Ocean as well as the coastal areas ordering Haiti, This showed the high intensity and magnitude of the earthquake. Some of the cities that were affected by the earthquake include Chile, India, California, Mexico, and Indonesia. Geographically, if you look at these places they have a direct connection with Haiti.

Earthquake experts attribute it to the fact that the epicenter (which has the highest force) of the earthquake was in Haiti. Initially, there was a hint of the P waves which acted as a short term warning for people to be evacuated but they took it as normal since this is an area that is prone to earthquakes since time immemorial. Although there hasn’t been a similar catastrophic earthquake in this part of the world, research proves that Chile is a possible epicenter of yet another earthquake since there have been numerous silent tremors which are a warning system of an upcoming earthquake.